Fear of market volatility is driving financial decisions


Only half of Americans have a positive outlook for their financial futures. For many, fear of market turbulence has chipped away at their confidence.

Source: 2017 BlackRock Global Investor Pulse Survey

Cash may pose an even bigger risk—not only could inflation eat away at savings over time, it will be hard to achieve growth.


“Consider putting your money to work on behalf of your future, even if you’re not totally comfortable at the moment.”

– Patrick Nolan, Portfolio Strategist, BlackRock

Checking your performance too often may make you lose sight of your objectives. Once you’re in the market, it may make sense to simply be in the market, smartly.


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The 2017 BlackRock Global Investor Pulse Survey interviewed 28,000 respondents, in 18 nations. Results from the US sample (4,000 respondents) are included in this article. Respondents were ages 25-74 and either the primary or shared decision maker for savings and investments in the household. No income or asset qualifications were used in selecting the survey's participants. Executed with the support of TNS, an independent research company, the survey took place online from January to February 2017. The survey was sponsored by BlackRock.

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